Teacher Accounts & Links

All links are available and updated regularly in Clever
Northwest Arkansas Education Service Cooperative  Address: 4 North Double Springs Road
Farmington, AR. 72730                  

Teacher Account Information

  • *Network- (the password you use to log into the computer at school) The user name is your email address so your first initial then your last name. example: seiland@elkinsdistrict.org . The password has to be at least 8 characters, 1 lower case, 1 upper case letter, and a number and it cannot include your name.  To RESET your password at any time, press CTL+ ALT+Delete (at the same time) then select “Change Password”.   When you change your network password from your computer on campus, all the accounts that use the network password will automatically update.  If you access email from your smartphone or have your Internet browser save passwords you may need to type the new password in those locations. You can also change your password at any time (from any device) in Clever or by clicking here.

  • *Gmail- (Gmail) email address is your username@elkinsdistrict.org example: seiland@elkinsdistrict.org,  password is same as network password.

  • *Tech Ticket- send an e-mail to Tech Department Email or  go here to put in a ticket  Support Elkins District

  • *Contact Elkins Technology Department with login/password problems.

  • EAC (Employee Access Center)- For employees to access pay stubs and W2's. To log into EAC be sure the district says Elkins, your user name is your school email address, password is set by the user. Please email Marcia Dunn @ mdunn@elkinsdistrict.org if you need help.

  • TAC (Teacher Access Center) – Student Information System/Teacher grade books-  To log into TAC type this into your browser address bar. The user name for TAC is 7201username, password is set by the user.  

eSchoolPlus Notes:

  1. Password Conditions:

    1. Minimum password length: 14

    2. Maximum password length: no limit

    3. Minimum lowercase characters: 1

    4. Minimum uppercase characters: 1

    5. Minimum digits: 1

    6. Special Characters: Not allowed (including @!#$%* etc.)

    7. Password History: 6

    8. Username cannot be part of the password: Yes – example:  A user named Janet cannot use the word January in her password since JAN is part of her name. 

  2. Account Conditions:

    1. Account passwords have to be updated twice a year.

    2. An account becomes locked after 10 failed attempts or having multiple windows open.  The account will unlock after 5 minutes.

  3. You can ONLY access eSchoolPlus/TAC from school unless you use the ELKINS VPN.