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iPad Sale 8-9-19

Elkins School District has 81 older iPads that will no longer update (Apple is not supporting them).  Since they are not supported anymore they cannot be used on the school network, but they do still work.  The School Board has approved a public sale.  The sale will be held on Friday, August 9th from 2:30 - 4:30 pm in the high school lobby.  The following is available:

31 - Apple iPad 2, 16GB, some with cases, $35 each.  19 chargers are available to go with the first 19 sold.

27 - Apple iPad Mini 1, 16GB, all include cases, $35 each

23 -  Apple iPad 4, 16GB, all include cases, $55 each

There are a limited number of chargers available for the iPad Mini's and iPad 4's.  

Payment will be due at the time of the sale, cash only unless you are a school employee.  All iPads are sold in an as-is condition with no warranty.    No early sales.