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Weather Call For Schools


Elkins School District would like to thank KNWA/FOX 24 and Hiebert Dental Care who have partnered to provide schools in Northwest Arkansas WeatherCall for Schools:

The WeatherCall personal severe weather warning notification system, trusted by hundreds of thousands, is now available in a version specially designed to serve the needs of schools.

Highly site-specific NWS severe weather warnings and "all clear" notifications for schools:

The flagship WeatherCall system continuously monitors the National Weather Service's NOAA weatherwire and compares a school's specific address to the location of the warning area polygon, immediately calling any type of telephone to deliver a specific warning message. The system also simultaneously sends an email containing a Google map of the school's location, the warning area which activated the call, and an animation of the nearest local NWS Doppler radar.

Real-time notification of lightning strikes within 6 miles of the site, and "all clear" messages:

An even more difficult challenge for school officials to monitor is lightning because it is so random and difficult to estimate its relative distance away. Lightning frequently originates from storms which never meet the NWS "severe" criteria, yet can pose an extremely dangerous situation for areas immediately around a school or recreation area. School officials will no longer have to wonder if lightning is too close or not.

The types of information that generate WeatherCall for Schools notifications:

Each school that signs up for WeatherCall for Schools receives the following types of National Weather Service (NWS) issued warnings issued within a 1 mile zone around the school's location and the important all clear message when that threat has passed:

  • Tornado Warnings
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warnings
  • Flash Flood Warnings


Lightning strikes are a huge threat to any school events that take place outside.  WeatherCall for Schools will notify you if:

  • Dangerous cloud-to ground lightning strikes are occurring within 6 miles of the school's registered address
  • Important information to know before or during athletic events, recess, or even deciding when to let the 'walkers' leave the school