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General Information

Dust the board and the reflective tape border with a soft tissue or cloth.  The error box will probably disappear once you have dusted.  

If you still see the error box:

Make sure nothing is on the reflective tape border (like the pen) and that nothing is leaning on the board.

Press the "Adjust Camera" button on the "LSaDrv Touch Sensor Error" dialog box displayed on the PC screen.

"Camera Adjustment Wizard Start" window appears. Press "All Adjust" – it may take several minutes to complete. Click "Finish".

Dust the board and the reflective tape border with a soft tissue or cloth.  If that does not resolve the problem make sure the USB cable that goes from the Starboard to your computer is plugged in.  If you have a laptop the USB cable must be plugged directly into your computer, or if you are using a USB Hub it MUST be powered (have a separate power supply).

 NOTE: Make sure the USB cable is plugged into the USB port.

The Starboard is only interactive when the Starboard software has been started.

That is actually a projector message that you are viewing on your Starboard.  The filter must be cleaned as soon as possible after the message pops up. If the filter is not cleaned quickly enough the projector will shut down and will not turn back on or the lens will crack. A cracked lens cannot be repaired - they projector will have to be replaced if the budget allows.

If you would like to clean the filter yourself, follow the steps below.  Otherwise, notify the tech department as soon as you see the message.

Go to the office and pick up a can of compressed air.  Use the compressed air to blow off the top and both sides of the projector (may need to stand on step-stool/chair to reach).  With your projector remote power on the projector, press Menu> use the arrows and go to Settings (the gear icon)> select Reset> select Filter Timer> select Yes.