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General Information

This happens when the image is not being mirrored on the screen and the projector.  

Unplug the VGA cable and restart the computer.  Plug the cable back into the laptop to see the screen image on the Starboard.


If you have a HP brand laptop you will need to go into the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) and choose your profile.

First step is to make sure your laptop is getting power.  Check that the power cord is correctly plugged into the computer, then follow the cord to where it plugs into the rectangular adapter and make sure it is plugged in, then follow it and make sure it is plugged into the wall or power strip.  Please don't use extension cords to plug in your computer- they are against fire code.

If your laptop still won't turn on try unplugging it from power > then press the power button and hold it down for about 20-30 seconds> plug it back into power > press the power button and see if it turns on.  

If you are still having trouble with your laptop not coming on, call us or use your phone or another teacher's computer to send us an email.

First make sure that your wifi is enabled.  To see how to enable wifi go to our Tech Tips.

Next make sure that you are connected to one of the wireless networks.  On the bottom right hand corner there should be a series of bars.  Click on them and make sure that you are connected to a wifi network.

If you cannot connect to one of the wifi networks, restart your computer and try connecting again.  If your computer has not been restarted (shut down and restarted, not just lid closed) recently it will be blocked from the network.

Then make sure you have logged into our internet filter.  If you aren't logged in you could be blocked from frequently visited pages.  To log into the filter, open Google Chrome or Internet Explorer > in the address bar type in > it will tell you that this is blocked, in the top left hand corner make sure that it says "Logged in as [network username]"  if it says "unknown user" click "Not You?" and log in using your network credentials .

If you still cannot connect to the wifi use a network cord (if you have one available in your classroom/office) or call us or use your phone or another teacher's computer to send us an email.