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Elkins School District Continuity of Services Plan

The Elkins School District Continuity of Services plan can be found by clicking the link below.  We wanted to inform you that a few changes are being made to the plan, or are currently under consideration. Beginning April 6, 2021, face masks will be optional for students, staff, and patrons at all outdoor school activities and events. Currently, face masks are still required for all students, staff, and patrons inside Elkins School buildings when social distancing of six feet or more cannot be achieved. The District leadership is gathering data and will consider the question of making face masks optional for students and staff inside buildings later this month. At that time a final decision will be made on the face mask issue that will cover the remainder of the school year.  

Please note that no other changes to social distancing, smaller groups of students at lunches, smaller class sizes, cleaning and sanitizing, etc... will be made. All of those procedures and protocols will remain intact. If you have comments on the Ready for Learning plan please feel free to click the link shown below to submit your comments.

Continuity of Services Plan – Click HERE

Click HERE to provide comments on the Continuity of Services Plan

American Rescue Plan Budget – Click HERE