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Elementary School Counselor

Elementary School Counselor- Lisa Carper











A little bit about me…. 

I have been a school counselor in Elkins since 1989...28 years sure have flown by.  I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in 1987 and finished my Masters of Education degree in School Counseling in 1991.  I have been married for 26 years and have a daughter who is a freshman in college. 

We stay busy with outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, and camping. I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and love to be involved with volunteer work in the community. We have one cat that calls our house home and a few others who wander in and out to visit.  Friends and family are important to us and we try to visit as often as possible.

I have been in the Elkins Public Schools for many years now and see the great community that Elkins continues to be.  It is so wonderful to see children now going through school that are the 2nd generation of the children I first had contact with in the early years.  So I now get to see grandparents, parents, and children together as families at school events showing what is so very and school. Elkins is a fantastic community that cares for each other!