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Wellness Center

Elkins District Wellness

Shelly Hollingsworth- District Level School Health Coordinator and CSH Coordinator


EDW Committee Members 2019/2020

Shelly Hollingsworth, Chair

David Stepp, Administration

Laren Vaught, School Board Vice President

Lisa Carper, Counselor K-4

Debbie Drake, Counselor 5-8

Amanda Coleman, Counselor 9-12

Chris Kramer, School Nurse MS/HS

Wendi Venable, School Nurse PS/ES

Jeff Graves, Transportation/Maintenance Director

Shelly Whitney, Food Service Director

Debbie Kunz, Technology

Erik Bailey, HS PE Teacher

AC Ramirez, SRO MS/HS

Bill Rhodes, SRO PS/ES

Kayley Carson, Ozark Guidance SBMH

Rebecca Jones, PTO President

Brooklyn Haney, Student

Lane Kirk, Student


Future Wellness Committee Meetings 1:30 pm – 2:30pm in High School Cafeteria





Click Here for Wellness Policy

If you would like information on how to become involved with the district wellness committee please contact Shelly Hollingsworth at 479-643-3283 or





If you would like an Elkins School District PDF to be made into an accessible format please email with the requested document name and the link to the document.