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Notifications and Safety

                                        Notifications & Safety 


The Rave Panic Button is an app that provides a  connection between campuses and employees to 911 and first responders.  When an authorized employee makes an emergency call using the Rave Panic Button app, designated on-site personnel are notified of the emergency based on your location and the emergency type and you are immediately connected to 911.   The app includes the options to report different types of emergencies such as active shooter, fire, medical, police and other.  When an employee presses the button on the app a call is made to 911 and simultaneously notifies district employees either through the app or SMS text message.  


Employees are not required to participate/use the Rave Panic Button, but it is highly encouraged.  The app can only be installed if the user has been approved to use the app and the mobile phone number has been added to the system.  If you want to participate and receive notifications in the case of emergency through the app or SMS text message alerts please respond to this email and include your mobile phone number.  If you do not want to participate no response is required.


Installation instructions for Rave Panic Button:

This is a link to the video on how to add the app to your phone: but the basic instructions are:
1. Go to Apple App store or Google Play Store
2. Search for Rave Panic Button
3. Download App
4. You must agree to use location services or you cannot download the
app.  Enter your phone number and submit.
5. You will receive a text message with a 4-digit code.  Enter the code into
the app, accept terms of use and submit.
6. Success - you will see all the schools or buildings you are associated


*Please let the Technology Department know if your phone number changes so we can keep your information up to date in the school messaging system and the Smart 911/RAVE Panic Button software.